Pension advice

Pension counselling Basel and region

Providing for the future instead of worrying about money. The term "precaution" is not only understood to mean health precautions, which one should take care of through a balanced lifestyle, but also financial precautions for oneself and one's family. This is why we also find other terms in the topic of precaution, such as the precautionary mandate, the living will, the custody decree or the will. All these instruments mainly serve to provide optimal support for your surviving dependents so that they act in your will if you are no longer able to do so.

Prevention analysis

A pension analysis provides you with information on benefits in the event of disability, death or pension benefits in old age. In addition, we show you, among other things, which figures you see on the pension fund statement and what they mean. We will also study the regulations of your pension fund and point out important points. Now that you know how you and your partner are covered, it is time to examine various options and, if desired, cover the financial gaps.

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Health care proxy

The advance directive consists of the following tasks, which are carried out by the person appointed by you if you have capacity. This can be a friend, spouse, family member or a company/organisation. A distinction is made between personal matters such as the living situation, care or medical treatment, and matters relating to assets and the law, where you specify how financial matters are to be handled.

Formal requirement: handwritten, dated and signed. Another option would be a public notarisation. In the latter case, however, you must expect costs of several hundred francs. You should keep the original in a place that is also known to the relatives. Otherwise, you can deposit it at the registry office or upload it to an electronic database. The authorised representatives should also have a copy of the document so that the KESB (child and adult protection authority) can check it for validity when the case arrives.

Living will

Should all medical procedures be continued even if they are unlikely to be successful? In the living will, you can record which treatments, interventions and medical procedures you consent to and which you reject in the event of a certain state of health.
You can also determine who decides in your favour in such situations.

The living will must be written, signed and dated. It may be written by hand or electronically. Many institutions such as the SRC (Swiss Red Cross) have specific templates and forms.
You can change or revoke the advance directive at any time. Check from time to time whether the content of the living will is still current for you or whether something has changed in your situation.

If a patient has no relatives or no contact with you, if they cannot be found or do not want to make decisions, the KESB appoints a guardian to make decisions on the person's behalf.

Custody order

If both custodial parents die at the same time (e.g. in a car accident), the KESB appoints a guardian. This guardian is first sought within the family. If no suitable guardian is found within the family, the KESB appoints someone from outside. 

With a custody decree, you can support the authorities by recording your wishes. The order is not binding for the KESB, but it makes their work easier. The order must be signed and dated. It is advisable to send the appointed persons a duplicate of the
The order must be submitted to the authorities so that they can inform KESB immediately in the event of an incident.