Tax consultancy

Tax calculator for the whole of Switzerland

Are you planning a move from Basel to Aarau or would you like to know whether you would pay less tax in another municipality?
To do this, use our detailed tax calculator for the whole of Switzerland and compare not only the communes, but also how the tax burden would change after marriage, for example. 

26 different cantonal tax laws - Tax advice for Basel and the region

One of the most important factors in financial or pension planning is forward-looking tax planning. In Switzerland's complex tax system, however, it is not easy to keep track of everything. Each canton has its own tax laws - and that brings opportunities, but also hidden traps:

  • Where am I liable to pay tax if I have several residences?
  • When is an inheritance or gift taxable?
  • What opportunities do the 2nd or 3rd pillar offer me for optimisation?
  • Who declares a right of residence or a usufruct?
  • Which debt interest is deductible?
  • What do I have to bear in mind when changing my place of residence to another canton?
  • What are value-enhancing and what are value-preserving investments?
  • When does a real estate company make sense?
  • What is the importance of real estate in pension or estate planning?


Tax consultancy Basel and region. We will be happy to support you in your strategic tax planning and help you to draw up your tax return, including correspondence with the tax office, on questions regarding real estate gains and transfer tax, or assist you with tax estate planning. At Downloads you will find a checklist with the documents you will need for your tax return.