Frequently asked questions / FAQ

What does financial and pension planning cost?

The cost of financial or pension planning depends on the effort involved.
After the first free introductory meeting, a cost estimate is offered for the tasks discussed. A pension plan costs on average between CHF 3,000 and CHF 4,000, and a smaller financial plan over a fixed period of, for example, 10 to 15 years costs around CHF 1,500 to CHF 2,000.

What is the process of financial and pension planning?

After the first free introductory meeting, a cost estimate is offered for the tasks discussed. After acceptance, all documents are bundled and the current situation is presented first. It is clarified which precautions have already been taken in the past and what is still outstanding or whether special circumstances exist. Based on your needs, wishes and financial situation, an initial strategy is then developed, which is then discussed together in order to draw up the plan. We also support you in the implementation after the planning and are available to you by e-mail, telephone, WhatsApp or in person on site.

What happens after the planning?

After working out the strategy and setting the goals, it is a matter of implementation. Because even the best plan is useless if it is not implemented. We will accompany you through all tasks, follow up and be available for the entire duration. Even if a plan is not implemented due to a Event needs to be adapted, we are at your side.

Where does the counselling take place?

We adapt the way of counselling to your wishes. Whether on the premises of the FINBERG AG, in a historic building from 1876 directly behind the station Baselat your home or online. However, we recommend and prefer the personal option, especially in the beginning, as it usually leads to a long-term cooperation in which trust is an important building block.

What is the FINBERG mortgage?

The FINBERG mortgage is backed by various pension funds, foundations and other institutions as lenders. On the one hand, you benefit from very low conditions, swift and simple processing and, on the other, you have FINBERG as your contact partner, who always keeps an eye on the big picture.