Financial and pension planning

Financial planning Basel and region

"A goal without a plan is just a wish".
We support you in achieving your goals with the right plan. Be it with financial planning to fulfil goals such as a longer trip or the dream of owning your own home, but also to have an overview of your own finances at all times and simply to be able to sleep better.
At some point, the time comes when financial planning becomes pension planning and the following questions, among others, arise:

  • When does it make sense to buy into the pension fund?
  • What are the effects of a purchase?
  • Can I afford to retire early?
  • Pension or lump-sum withdrawal?
  • Which taxes are due and when?
  • Can I still afford my own home in old age?

Your independent partner for financial and pension planning in Basel and the surrounding area.
We look forward to accompanying you through all the stages and events of your life with holistic planning. 

When is the right time for financial planning?

Financial planning starts with the budget 

Financial planning also means life planning in parts and is not done with a simple budget. Downloads budget plan. The budget planning and compilation of the current situation is certainly groundbreaking and must not be missing in the holistic planning. But it goes far beyond that. Together, we develop a plan that is customised to your wishes and needs in line with your financial possibilities. So when is the right time for financial planning? There are certain events in life when you should think a little more about your finances. For example, when you buy your first home or when you reach the age of 25 and have a higher deduction on your payslip. Do I have a good pension fund and how am I insured? When it comes to getting married. What will my wife or children get if scenario A or B occurs? What are the implications for AHV and what is the marriage penalty? How can we protect each other in the best possible way? Also when the first child is born. Do we have enough reserves, how much will a child cost and can we still save? When buying our own home. Can my wife or husband keep the house if something happens to me and what is the best mortgage model for us? But both sides will also be thinking about finances in the event of a divorce. It is advisable to clarify all matters as long as you are in harmony with each other. Last but not least, will my pension be sufficient to maintain my standard of living when I retire? So there are various stages in life when you should draw up a financial plan, but sooner rather than later is definitely advisable.

Throughout all stages of life, the Taxes an essential player. From income tax to inheritance tax to real estate gains tax or when withdrawing capital from pension funds. Taxes are omnipresent. These are also part of holistic planning, to recognise all stumbling blocks in advance, to optimise them and, if necessary, to consult further experts.

Who was the last person to draw your attention to documents such as the Health care proxy, Living will or the Will attention? Do you know what the Proposal allocation is?

Now you understand that holistic financial planning means life planning. The FINBERG AG, your financial planner in Basel and the region, supports you in analysing your situation, in developing a strategy and then accompanies you in implementing your plan until you reach your goal.